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Planet Facts

Let’s learn all about the planets of our solar system!


There are eight planets in our solar system, but did you know there used to be nine of them?

Let’s dive right in and explore the planets.

Quick Planet Facts

  • Only a very small portion of the Solar System is Earth.
  • Our Solar System’s planets have various temperatures.
  • Our Solar System’s planets each have unique properties. For instance, whereas Jupiter is comprised of gas, Earth is formed of rock!
  • Venus has an average temperature of 460°C, making it the hottest planet while Uranus has an average temperature of -220°C, making it the coldest planet.
  • Planets beyond the solar system are known as exoplanets.
  • Because of the crimson color of Mars’ atmosphere and surface, it is frequently referred to as the Red Planet.
  • When the definition of a planet was revised to only include bigger celestial entities in 2006, Pluto lost its status as a planet.

Our list below also includes the Sun and the Moon!

How is your planet knowledge? Feel free to let us know.

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