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History Facts For Kids

One of our favorite topics here at is history!

We have a ton of fascinating world history facts for you to enjoy.

You can explore of these through hovering over the History menu, or by browsing below!

History Facts for Kids

Quick History Facts

  • In Ancient Egypt, the New Year celebration was called Wepet Renpet. ‘Wepet Renpet’ directly translates to ‘the opener of the year.’
  • The Vikings loved grooming.
  • The first living creature in space was a dog named Laika.
  • The tiny Easter Island, also knows as Rapa Nui,  is home to 887 giant head statues. It is  only 14 miles long, but somehow it fits almost 900 giant volcanic rock statues called Moai. 
  • Rats killed over 75 million Europeans in the Middle Ages. 
  • Turkeys were once worshiped as gods. The Mayan people regarded them as vessels of the Gods.
  • Famous conqueror Napolean Bonaparte was once attcked by a horde of bunnies
  • The last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, wasn’t born in Egypt. She was a descendant of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian general Ptolemy.

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We’ve also recently added some fun facts on Ancient Africa and the mighty conflicts of World War One and World War Two.

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You can view our full list of History topics by clicking on the History tab in the menu, or by using our search box.

Have fun exploring!

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